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That's lovely! It reminds me of something surprising you would find in a woodland.
Did you paint the face pot?! I love it! I always admire people that grow lovely planters. I definitely need to work on my skills in this area. Beautiful arrangement of photos that you will be able to look back at when snow is blowing across your garden.
I'm wondering if you can tell me more about the growing habits of this cherry? I have one that is in its second season (and has one cherry!). This spring it sent out a lot of new growth so I pruned out the branches that were crossing and were in the middle of the tree and it is now out of control again. Do you prune yours and if so when? Thanks so much for any information you can provide.
I also love your blog and the photos and thoughts you share. Don't you think that gardeners are their own worst critics?! Thank you for creating a candid and informative resource for Calgary gardeners.
I really like the the look of the teepees you created to keep the hares away - much better aesthetic than wire mesh collars and fencing. Looking forward to seeing pictures of this area later on this summer/fall when plants have settled into their places.
Thanks for such great posts! I've been coming back to your site time and again for information and inspiration. Your gardens are beautiful. : )
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Mar 30, 2012