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The swimming lesson that he had been asking for everyday since the last one finally arrives and it's time to go
I agree with many of the above statements - My biggest is the lack of storage box. We keep needing to add buildings, which is excellent, makes my kingdom look great and more interesting, but having to continually re-organize while shuffling things from here to there is a pain in the a$$ to say the least. Not to mention, all the necessary decos that we need to buy - sometimes I want to put decos away for the time being. - I also agree that some things should be worth more then 1 exp -It would FABULOUS if we could actually see our whole kingdom when in full screen mode, not just parts of it. It's really hard to get a feel for the kingdom, and where to put things when you can only see a bit at a time. -Finally, when things say that you can find by banishing beasties/fishing/tending buildings/flowers/visiting neighbours actually make it so that you get those things. I play everyday, regularly and have yet to receive any of the items that I need through fishing/tending etc. I just want to say that I do thoroughly enjoy playing this game, it combines the best of a number of games. I especially enjoy the quest aspect of the game because it actually gives you something to work towards, though some of those things are way out there.
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Dec 17, 2011