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Such a disappointment. And the kicker is (as people familiar with my farm have already noticed and remarked to me) that the farm/animal photos were all taken on my farm, with the promise from Libbie that there would be proper credit throughout - of which there is none. So the average reader would associate Smithfield CAFO pork with animals raised under the most stringent animal welfare guidelines in the country, Certified Humane. Paula Deen says in the forward something about "75 years of food you can trust" - really? If its so trustworthy why didn't they show pictures of their own operation instead of mine? Libbie never told me there was a Smithfield angle -- obviously something I never would have agreed to -- and I guess I was naive about the whole thing. It was pitched to me as a book that would help women feel more comfortable with the 'man's world' of pork. The whole thing has been upsetting to me and my farm manager Eufren, who fled the industrial pork world so he could express his magnificent and unparalleled humane husbandry to his hearts desire on our farm. The humane treatment of animals is at the heart of our business, and that Caw Caw Creek and our beautiful animals are used as a shill for Smithfield is unforgivable.
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Dec 13, 2011