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What an incredible honor, to be the subject of Kamikaze Mommy’s wicked wit and dead-on words. But this post brings up *the* question I have long wanted answered about Suburban Kamikaze. I know you wrote about me because I read your blog ... but what of your chump neighbors, those of the this-is-for-real Christmas ornament exchange and the pistachio salad? What of the creepy Old Fox? Do they know you’re a blogger, and even better, that you’re blogging about them? If not, what if they find out? Will you have to pack up the thankless children and move to a new suburb? Hope you will devote a post to this question someday. Thanks, KM, and we sure do miss you back here in Florida.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2007 on The Right Shade of Green at suburban kamikaze
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