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Charles Barrett
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Oh yeah, this Weekend Update "Really?" segment is a real keeper. It's fully as funny as any of the earlier "classic" ones with Amy Poehler (IMHO).
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Goodness knows, Ryan can snorkel me anytime (or vice-versa). Massa massage would definitely lead the way to Massa-bation if I keep that image of Ryan in my mind's eye... (Although I've gotten quite some good mileage out of gazing upon your ginger chest hair, Will...!)
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2010 on ERIC MASSA WEEKLY at Will Clark World
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I am an avid consumer of porn, including "bareback" titles. My partner of over twenty years and I are both HIV-, and always use safer sex practices when we play with others, but "bareback" fucking and conspicuous cum eating really ring our bells, as does porn portraying that. True, I can (and do) make my purchases outside of fairs and festivals, but a categorical ban does not sit well with me. What about vintage, pre-HIV era porn? Is it okay because of its era, or banned, because it does not convey and instruct modern preventative prophylaxis? Arguments can be mounted for either school of thought. I see nothing but a slippery slope here.
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Feb 20, 2010