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Mar 15, 2010
Hi - FWIW: AVC put you solidly in the Hillary camp on 1/16: For me it is a tough decision, but it comes down to whether you think the current partisan/ideological divisiveness is a core failing in our current politics. I think it is. In the current climate policy issues are parsed not for their merit, but for their alignment with one ideology or another. This makes it virtually impossible to deliver effective policy and thus the government flails. While Hillary may (I emphasize may) be better positioned to design policy, Obama is much better positioned to move our politics beyond the current partisan/ideological quagmire. At an importanat level, Hillary and Obama are focused on a different set of problems. Hillary is focused on how to execute specific policy changes. Obama is focused on changing the culture that makes good policy almost impossible to get implemented. There is an argument that Obama is swinging for the fences and that his goal of changing the political scene is fanciful. This may end up being true, but I choose to use my limited participation in the political process to express idealism. So I support Obama.
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