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I wholeheartedly agree with 'Anne', and most of the postings above. WGN had weathered past economic downturns and social changes in the format it's been known for. I'm 54. My parents listened to WGN constantly. From my teens through my early thirties I had my stints with music radio; we all do. However, I came back to WGN full time when I had my kids. Listening daily, consistently, [even avoiding the CD and cassette decks in my car] because the personalities at WGN were that good at what they did! It's true...WGN radio was the extended family that one invited into your home and who you wouldn't want to let leave. I use the past tense as these days there are very few reasons left for me to even open my door to the station. Unfortunately, this family concept appears hard for the current WGN execs to accept, let alone grasp. And a greater loss this is--for them, to never experience the WGN 'Family' feel. One would think they'd want to work for a station that is welcoming and inviting, instead of clawing and backbiting. hired these guys! With your bankroll, you would forego this Gem, just for a few dollars more?! Well sir, you'll loose. You've lost so much for so many already. And I reiterate other voices.....MY AGE DEMOGRAPHICS HAVE THE ADVERISING DOLLARS TO SPEND. And you've lost mine. At least, we who post here will have our memories of this once great radio station WGN, to talk about and smile over. For you, Sam, one only gets something to show for, when effort is put into it. There is no effort in being "cookie cutter". JOHN, MILT, STEVE/JOHNNIE, DAVE, LOU, NICK, DEAN and the news/traffic team....Hold to your principles and STAY UNIQUE!!!
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Jun 27, 2010