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Oh my!! I am in love with all of it especially the watercolor flowers!! <3
I love the bright colors for a travel themed collection and the cloud washi is a must have!
Right now, I am working on launching an etsy shop on Friday (my father's birthday). Thanks for the tutorial and a chance to win a print!!
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Wow! That is one beautiful wedding!!
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What a great giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win your amazing collections!
I love the addition of the non-traditional colors to the halloween collection and that it's not scary...cute stuff for pics of my niece & nephew in their costumes. thanks!!
Sleigh Bells is slightly more my style than Joyous but I do favor the decorative brads from the Joyous collection. THanks!
I love the color palette of the Wild Berry collection but my favorites are the Rub-ons from both collections!!
This is a beautiful collection! My favorite would be the word/alpha stickers!
What's not to love?! The entire collection is fun and vibrant! But I think my favorite is the flash card papers!
It looks like a really fun day!
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what a pretty collection! I think I will need the veneer bits.
I love Amy's style! Beautiful colors that are not too bright so they are easy to mix & match!
the class looks so interesting! I was just having a conversation about creating a special family album to give to my niece & nephew about everyone important to our family - relatives along with dear friends who we consider family. thanks for the chance to win!
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2013 on The Ties that Bind Giveaway at Kelly Purkey
Welcome to my brand new old blog. I decided to rename it and with a little help from my friend Lisa came up with A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of Scrap. It's perfect since I would like this blog to focus on my scrapbooking and other crafts which will mostly be in the form of cards and other paper crafts. First up is this card I made for a World Card Making Day challenge last year. Continue reading
that is such a great picture! and I love how you showcased it!!
Thanks so much for the give away! The class sounds really interesting!
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2010 on Great giveaway! at Jennifer McGuire, ink.
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I spent part of the past two weekends making cards for Operation Write Home. I came across the sight through one of the blogs that I follow and liked the idea of making cards for soldiers overseas to send back home to their friends and family. Continue reading
For a Monday, today has been pretty good. I spent some time last night getting all my stuff together for work this morning so I sort of got out of the house faster. I got a lot of work off my desk today. There's still a big pile but I am catching up. When I was out to lunch I noticed a new place opening around the corner - PizzaCone. Yes, pizza in a cone shaped crust. It sounds intriguing and a little gross at the same time. i went to their website but they don't have menus or anything... Continue reading
Wow...did January just get away from me. All those things I wanted to start doing in 2010 are still not started. Since it's Monday and the First of the Month, it seems a good time to get moving on my list for this year. So I am saying it out loud: I am going to blog more frequently. I am going to eat better and buy prepared food less frequently. I am going to devise some sort of schedule to keep the house in order. I am going to scrap/craft more regularly. Continue reading
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