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"These situations are always traumatic. We feel that if we had just "noticed something sooner", maybe we could have saved our pet. It's hard not to blame ourselves, or at least to look for someone to blame. The body is incredibly complex. It is amazing that it works so well. There are so many things that could go wrong. When that happens, it's hard for us to face the fact that there things we don't understand and cannot fix." I think you've explained my moral dilema perfectly there. I am aggravated that I could not "fix him" despite all the pet first aid & cpr training I have been taking. I hoped by learning more I would "notice things sooner" with my pets but they are so hard as they are good at masking symptoms or just plain don't show any symptoms until it is too late. Would you recommend when a dog has lyme/rocky mountain spotted fever to such an extent that their blood cell count is really low an ecg or angiogram be done afterwards? When he was retested it came up alright but without symptoms one would not know if such a disease caused damage. I try to at least learn from each traumatic experience. Thank you for your answers
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Is there any reasearch or in you experience has giving a dog with an underlying undiagnosed medical condition vaccines resulted in sudden death of the pet within a week or so? I seem to be reading a lot of stories where pets collapse and die a short time after having vaccines? My Sonny had lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever last year which was treated and from which blood tests showed he'd recovered it was to the point where we had to watch him for spontaneous bleeding because his blood count was so low. he tested positive for lyme at the exam this year and they placed him on Doxycyline although they said it could just be from last years exposure and he seemed to feel a little perkier starting a few days after starting the doxy. He had really started slowing down and not wanting to walk around the neighborhood as much the past six months and we never pushed him beyond what he was comfortable with. Is it possible that these diseases could cause a heart problem that went undiagnosed? I have read that sometimes there can be viral infections that cause heart issues. His bloodwork and -x-ray showed nothing on the day he collapsed. it is not that I don't realize the importance of making sure our pets are immune to deadly diseases but am left to wonder if our older pets who dont come in contact with other dogs on a daily basis and arent kenneled need to continue to be vaccinated on a once yearly or every three year basis. He did however once when he was about 2 have an event that seemed like a small seizure where he was pacing and panicky and then layed on the floor with twitchy muscles for about and hour and a half. he was completly responsive to calling his name and asking him to lay down. I called the E-vet who said just keep an eye on him and if he became worse to call back. I layed on the floor talked to him and rubbed him and it finally went away. At this time an exam showed nothing either. He also did this same type of panic/twitching when stung by bees and benadryl cleared it right up and then again on a couple of other occasions over the years but they never lasted as long as the first. I am now left to wonder if maybe he had an undiagnosed congenital defect and those small episodes were a sign of things to come but I know we willnever really know.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2010 on Heart Attacks in Dogs at Your Pet's Best Friend
I am sure they did not mislead me as I was there and saw the distress he was in and watched him turn blue and had to listen to him do the I'm dying squeal when he collapsed. It's just that they called it a heart attack. For all I know it was an aneurysm or other event either way his body shut down and didn't want to come back. I didn't see the point of putting my baby through an autopsy when it wouldn't change anything. I have just finished becoming a pet first aid instructor so realized he was in serious trouble and knew it was really bad but am wondering if it is possible to give baby aspirin to your pet like they do with people when they have a cardiac or clotting event? Thank you for your sympathy.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2010 on Heart Attacks in Dogs at Your Pet's Best Friend
Hi there, While taking my 7 1/2 year old dog out for his afternoon business yesterday he started to look like he wasn't feeling well as it was hot and humid out we immediately started back for home after wetting him down with some water. At this point we weren't out more than 10 minutes. I turned to find my cat who was following us and when I turned back around I witnessed my dog stiffen up and fall over sideways. I ran to his side and he let out the most heartwrenching screach and moan that broke my heart. Upon starting to carry him him he began having trouble breathing and first his gums turned real pale white and then his tongue and gums turned blue as my hubby ran to get the truck. By the time we got to the E-vet he was really struggling to breathe. We were told he had a massive cardiac event and they were unable to stablilize his vitals and said he kept having heartattacks while they were treating him and going into rigor. He was unable to breathe on his own and there was no circultion going on in his body and he was ice cold and his organs were starting to shut down. There was no way his body could fight the event and we had to have him PTS. He had no history of heart problems and had just had a clear physical and good bloodwork one week earlier. We are devastated that such a young dog could enter into such an event after just having been running around and playing the day before. I am disturbed by the article saying pets don't have heart attacks it certainly looked and acted like one. Why can't we do more to help a dog survive such an event in this day of modern medicine my faith in vets is starting to be lost.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2010 on Heart Attacks in Dogs at Your Pet's Best Friend
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