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I think the issue more one of facts and just the general tone of opposing the Obama administration. Up until recently most religious groups have believed that if Employer A gives salary to Employee B knowing that B intends to buy contraception with it the moral burdon is on B not on A. They have also held this to be true when it comes to things like contractors, so for example most churches wouldn't object to having their roofing work done by a company that provides contraceptive coverage. What the compromise does is allows churches to add this same level of indirection they had always seen as acceptable. They won't have to buy coverage for contraception. There were numerous solutions already available but the compromise allows companies to buy a non compliant insurance policy which will create a legal obligation for the insurance company to come into compliance in a number of ways, one of those ways being providing a side policy to the covered employees. Thereby creating another moral agent that is actually paying for the contraception. There is probably no sin committed in the United States that after 5 or so degrees of separation the Catholic church (or any other large body) wasn't assisting. Either we all live with the idea that putting another moral agent between us an act diminishes responsibility or a culture of tolerance becomes impossible.
Hi Chris. Thank you for the complement! Well if you click on my link my blog has quite a few articles that address history. I don't know your denomination / interest so I'm not sure what to link off to. What is your areas of interest?
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Mar 17, 2012