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Chris Stedman
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{Chris Stedman, NonProphet Status } This post originally appeared on Tikkun Daily. “What qualifies you to do this?” I asked myself as I rode the train home one day to write my first contribution to the Washington Post’s On Faith... Continue reading
{Chris Stedman, NonProphet Status} "Fags! Repent!" Oh great – those words. Turning to meet them, I rolled my eyes as those funny, short words echoed and bounced toward me over hot summer-baked pavement. The words were intended to hurt but... Continue reading
I understand where you are coming from but feel like you're being a bit unnecessarily negative and cynical. Dualities are rarely useful; dichotomies are misleading at best. Can't something be both meaningful and a fashion statement? Just because something is popular doesn't mean it can't serve a meaningful purpose.
{Chris Delos Stedman, NonProphet Status} Four hours in and I was ready to get up and walk out. I couldn't help but ask aloud with a laugh: "Why do I do this to myself?" It was a balmy June night... Continue reading
Posted Jun 30, 2010 at Gay Spirituality Blog
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Jun 16, 2010