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My prayers are with you and your family, Nic.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2013 on A time to reflect. at It's been one of those days...
Hey Karen! I have never been a runner, but I know the power and freedom exercise can give you. Exercise has been a catharsis for me, since I was very young. In the 1980's I started Jazzercising, as ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary dance had been a part of my life since I was about 4 years old. Running on pavement was not an option for me, because my knees were somewhat fragile from the years of dance, but Jazzercising I can do! I have Jazzercised on and off since I took my first class in the 80's. I just recently returned, and thank our good Lord, I have been able to go 4 times a week. My goal for 2012 is to go to Jazzercise at least 150 times this year so I can earn my special Jazzercise Club Member T-shirt. In other words, Karen, count me in!
Oh, Karen! I would love to audit your class! I was just thinking the other day how BADLY I need a refresher course of your workshop. I want MORE, MORE, MORE!!!
Former student popping in ~ I cannot begin to tell you how much Karen's Workshop helped me. I was a clueless person with a DSLR ~ that's about all I knew when I signed up for this Workshop. Karen taught me literally everything I know about photography. One of the most beautiful things about Karen is her ability to explain things in such a way anyone will be able to understand. I was shooting in Auto Mode when I took the workshop, and now I shoot only in Manual, thanks to Karen's clear and concise instructions. The difference between the quality of my shots before I took the workshop and my shots after it is light years apart. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone ~ even those who just think they might have a love for photography. If you don't before the Workshop, you will after it! Oh, and Karen, I would love to take the class again! (I meant everything I said above whether you pick me or not ;)!!!)
Oh, Karen, these are all so beautiful! I wouldn't have wanted to have missed seeing a single one of them.
Your work is amazing! Congratulations on your selection as a member of the Design Team!
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Aug 6, 2010