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Pretty awesome initiative on GM's part. When I moved to TX a few months ago I spoke to someone I think at Weslaco Ford who was telling me about a lot of similar initiatives manufacturers have setup since the recession heightened a few years ago.
I agree home theater systems are far better. I'm in the process now of looking at them at
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Thanks for the great post! Really interesting to read. I may not be wealthy enough for it but at least I was lucky enough to get income insurance quotes from Real Insurance and I have a policy from them.
Thanks for the great read, I intend to grab one of these for some upcoming trips myself. All I'm waiting for is some projects at work to be done and for my new income protection insurance to kick in.
Interesting post. Makes me greatly appreciate the fact that my children have been able to take care of me thus far even as far as helping me with my life insurance that I got at (referral deleted) let alone my month to month bills.
Amazing how perception of Microsoft has changed isn't it? I hated them myself 10 years ago, now I'm glad to see their software all over the place like when I go to the hospital or to see the dentist my new discount dental plan from allows me to see.
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Cool post. One of the great resources I've been able to find on the net for Dog Training Tips has always been It has a great many guides and tips and an awesome community of users to interact with including vets that pop in from time to time to offer help.
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Awesome post! Easy to forget sometimes that different breeds want to be treated differently to some extent. There are also a lot of great Dog Training Tips at that could be of some use. I've found a virtual encyclopedia of dog training knowledge gathered there as well as a great community to share with.
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