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AOW, I've spent much of the day watching the stories and ceremonies too. It's at times like this when I understand better than ever the function ceremony; like art, it's a way to project values in a form we can see. I can't think of any better way to memorialize the ones we lost five years ago today than to do as you suggest: "My personal memorial to all those innocents who perished on 9/11 is to spread the word about the Islamic threat. I will never forget." I couldn't say it or do it better. We're all in this together, and for that, I am so very grateful.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2006 on In Honor of Francesco Garfi at BRUSHFIRES OF FREEDOM
For sure, nobody thinks that Muslim Arabs (or Muslim anybody) are unintelligent. It problem isn't in their genes, it's in the idiotic philosphy that has been incorporated into Islam. There's ample evidence, both in the past and the present, that their IQs are just fine. However, when someone is taught from the get-go that 1) his mind cannot comprehend reality, 2) that he will suffer the pains of eternal fires unless he can figure out exactly what Allah wants (and Allah is totally capricious), 3) the universe is totally under the nanosecond by nanosecond control of this totally capricious Allah, who can change his mind about anything at any time, and 4) that you must spend all your time following the micromanagerial rules of Islam and the mullahs (which includes never questioning Islam or the mullahs), then there just isn't much motivation for innovation. Innovation has effectively been "outlawed" by Islam, and because of this, Muslims cannot progress. When they see the rest of the world progressing, they get very frustrated and because it is a sin to question Islam, where the blame should rest, they blame the rest of us instead.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2006 on The Islamic Way of War at BRUSHFIRES OF FREEDOM