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BJ Cefola
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There is a price for preservation in lost economic and ethnic diversity. East of I-205 looks a lot different than the area west, and I don't mean the buildings. I think perpetuating that division is neither healthy nor admirable.
Not everyone has the time and money to maintain a 100 year old house (or to afford a gut rehab). And while they may not be Victorian a whole lot of pdx homes will be crossing the century mark in the next decade or two. If new construction is schlock where should people live?
Another factor against this passing: The high school redesign battle. I don't see a lot of "team spirit" among PPS parents at the moment. Combine that with the piecemeal nature of the rebuilding project, where some schools will not see significant investment until future bond measures which may or may not pass and I don't see how this can work.
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Nov 14, 2010