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I feel Sympathy for all the entertainers like Katt who are being persecuted for choosing to NOT go with the establishment. This is what happens when you refuse to adhere to **(THEIR)** demands. It's sad and sickening. Once an Entertainer decides to NOT sale out (soul) whatever you want to call it, then the WILD stories begin to pop up against them. The stories are always wild and unusual, out of the entertainers character, or they are constantly harassed by police. The media is saturated with negative images of the entertainer, Pictures pop up of the Entertainer looking drugged out, or drunk or just plain crazed looking. The story never ends well. They either DIE some unusual suspicious way (always very publicized). Commit suicide (also suspiciously) Murdered (suspiciously) Or they Up and walk out on some MILLION dollar deal seemingly for no reason. The public need to start reading between the lines and stop dismissing these people as CRAZY or, Crackheads or DRUNKS. They all in there (Ramblings) mention the devil, or Illuminati or some secret society in some form, or the ESTABLISHMENT fucking with them. Indirectly or directly. Wake up people and stop believing everything you hear and see in the media. LISTEN and connect the dots. MJ, DAVE Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, Prince, Anna Nicole smith, Mike Tyson, Bob Dillon, Katt Wiliams the list goes on. First they Harass them, Then they vilify them, if the person doesn't give in they Destroy there careers. If the person fight back, they incarcerate them, if they try to expose the situation they Kill them or If they have reduced the persons credibility enough in the public eye they just leave them broke and destitute. (income tax evasion) (foreclosures) Bankruptcies, Law suits. There is a PATTERN. They all have similarities. The ones who Sale out (soul) or whatever you want to call it. Don't ever go through this they continue to become superstars a lot of them undeserving all of a sudden, they shoot to megastardom out of the blue and you sit back and think, hmm where did this person come from, ok they are funny but not all that funny, or ok they can act but come on there are way better actors, or this person can't sing or dance what is the big deal. But don't get it twisted they are also at risk if they ever decided to change their minds. Some Entertainers are STRONG Dave chapelle is one prime example. This young man is a VERY intelligent person and FUNNY. Had the BIGGEST comedy show and a 50 million dollar deal on the table. Yet in the midst of it all he up and left, went to Africa, no warning no explanation. When he is asked about it, he doesn't seem crazy or drugged up or intoxicated. He seems tired but frank about it. He seemed to be asking us to read between the lines. Yet he is smart enough not to say too much. Bless all their souls, the ones who choose to go along, the ones who choose to refuse and especially the ones who choose to fight back.
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Jun 29, 2011