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Bonne Annee! Seems like all the great parties were in Le Marais :D I was looking for girls interested in starting a derby league here this summer and ran into this journal (there's no league here, but a few girls in Germany still put feelers out for me). Glad I did, sounds like you're having a lovely time :) I hear you about the French language thing and comprehension. I've been living and working here for 3 months and up until last week was going to Alliance Francaise as well (afternoon classes) but it was a bit crazy for my schedule so I'm self-study with a tutor now. hah. 750E is a great price for any apartment here, and an absolute steal for Le Marais! We're changing to there in March and I can't wait. It also helps that everyone in the quarter speaks great english. lol. Best of luck and welcome home :)
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Nov 20, 2009