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New York City
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Whoo Hooo! Here are the winners from the Kettle Cuisine Facebook Soup Description Contest. Congratulations! They ended up choosing 3 winners! Don't forget to check'em out on Facebook! Grand Prize Winner- Soup, Coupons and Apparel Debra Hammond Mason New England... Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2010 at CeliacChicks
The Scone Shoppe 2401 Bridge Avenue Pt. Pleasant, NJ 732.899.4070 I've never actually watched an episode of Jersey Shore, but I've seen promos for it and I've heard plenty of water cooler talk about it. I wonder if tourism has... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2010 at CeliacChicks
I'm sure you are familiar with the saying, "Timing is everything." Well, I think it is time for gluten-free to go mainstream on TV. What do you think? I have a little secret to tell you. It’s actually a funny... Continue reading
Posted Jun 30, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Because I had a press pass, I was emailed a lot of interview opportunities at the NRA. Most of them weren't all that enticing, however, the one that did catch my attention was for a meeting with Chef Spike Mendelsohn.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2010 at CeliacChicks
(seated left to right) Tom Herndon of Hipp Kitchen and Full Fridge; Chef Richard J. Coppedge Jr. from the CIA, Kay of Savory Moment Chef Prepared Meals; Chef Jim McCurley of PF Chang's China Bistro; Doug Radi, Vice President of... Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Daiya [pronounced day-yuh] vegan cheese displayed with Sandwich Petals gluten-free wraps. They sampled little quesadillas. Above is their fancy pants screen display. The Grainless Baker was there with their gluten-free hamburger buns and cream puffs, along with Goldbaum's gluten-free ice... Continue reading
Posted May 25, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Hi. I wanted to show you the impressive, huge pavilion area that the NFCA organized for all of the gluten-free vendors. See the big sign in hanging? There are about thirty vendors involved. Here are a few photos. These ladies... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2010 at CeliacChicks
View to the left Hi. I'm takin' a break from the expo to share some photos with you. This expo center is like another city! Seriously, the first time I walked from our hotel room to the expo floor by... Continue reading
Posted May 22, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Good Morning!! I'm writing this at the airport while waiting to board my flight to Chicago. I've been invited by the National Foundation For Celiac Awareness (NFCA) to join them at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) expo as an online... Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2010 at CeliacChicks
It was just waiting for me in my inbox of Google Alerts that I've signed up for using the key word "gluten". Glad you liked it!
Toggle Commented May 10, 2010 on Celiac Disease Awareness Month at CeliacChicks
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Sorry, I'm arriving late to the month long party here. I've been wrestling with a nasty cold and I think I finally have my brain back. I think it's running on the Low Blonde Power mode, so please, bear with... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Even though I'm not really into baseball... [dodging tomatoes] ...I have to admit that Mr. Met is pretty cute! There is going to be a Celiac Disease Awareness Night at Citi Field May 25th. Hurry up! There are only about... Continue reading
Posted Apr 27, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Have you tried Kettle Cuisine soup yet? I have to be honest, the thought of soup didn't initially get me excited. It wasn't until after I tasted these soups that I could fully appreciate them along with their dedication to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2010 at CeliacChicks
This article was graciously contributed by Maria Roglieri and Sara Friedman. It's cherry blossom time in Washington, D.C. - a great time to take in the sweet sights and smells of all the beautiful flowers as you stroll along the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2010 at CeliacChicks
OH, this is HOT....and flakey!!! A friend sent me this link to Tartelette's Gluten-Free Puff Pastry recipe. Helen, the voice behind Tartelette, explains how she teamed up with her baking buddy Gluten-Free Girl and they've been cheering each other on... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Wow! Over 50 of you shared your comments about the New York Times Q & A yesterday. The varied experiences you have all had trying to get a proper diagnosis and the reasons why you are on a gluten-free diet... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Did you see this Q & A in The New York Times today? I have no idea why they titled this Gluten & Gluttony. Am I missing something? And the "answer" given made me feel like the author took a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Dublin (photo courtesy of Lyra at Ces't La Vie Events) Please welcome guest blogger Christine Carty. An Irish girl in her late twenties, Christine was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of 24. She currently lives in Dublin. She... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Hey Tracy...Here is a link to a more traditional but still gluten-free cinnamon roll recipe. Looks good! Gluten-free girl just posted one too. Maybe let us know which one you enjoyed the best? ;)
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2010 on Naughty & Nice at CeliacChicks
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Sorry, Anne, I don't. I've heard their are tools online to put ingredients in and it spews out the nutrition details. I just had an email from a reader asking the same thing. Perhaps I should add a widget of this tool somehow? Well, I wouldn't worry too much about these. The almonds are a good source of good fat and protein. So they aren't hat naughty. You have to live a little! :)
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2010 on Naughty & Nice at CeliacChicks
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Hey Nicole...just need more scoop on what direction you are heading in for powdered sugar subs and why. I might have some ideas. Kelly
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2010 on Naughty & Nice at CeliacChicks
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This recipe is an unlikely hybrid of sorts. In order to create this recipe and make it appropriate for my gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free situation, I adapted and then combined the works of two very different recipe mavens with polar opposite... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2010 at CeliacChicks
OK, we all heard reports and comments about gluten-free beer at Citifield last year. Well, today I found this little scoop about a gluten-free food cart sponsored by Kozy Shack now at Citifield!!! I'm wondering what the food will include... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2010 at CeliacChicks
Hey all of you non-dairy people out there... I was interviewed at the other day where they have put together a nice little list of dairy-free drink ideas for ya. And for the record, it seems to be the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2010 at CeliacChicks
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