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Carlos Echevarria
Miami, Florida
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Not a surprise, as someone who has traveled on a plethora of occasions to Brasil, I can tell you there is a huge Arab (predominantly Lebanese and Syrian immigrant community in Sao Paulo) and Brazilians, overall, are stridently anti-Israel.
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Pamela, you are a brave soul indeed. Thank you for your patriotism, your courage and always assisting Geert Wilders when he comes to our nation. I have been to Amsterdam, it is a beautiful city, but sadly close to 40% of the people i saw were Muslims and of the belligerent hue. God Bless You and apprise how we can mobilize to support you.
The Saudis involved in promoting and advancing terrorism??? I am shockedddddddddddddddd
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"I'd almost prefer Ahmadinejad. At least he is honest. Either way Obama is going to bow to these annihilationists." Pamela, you are right and as you astutely indicate the real power in Iran resides with the Mullahs and the Revolutionary Guards, a "victory" by Moussavi might actually be more convenient as it would give them cover to ostensibly be "moderate" while all the while continuing their insidious activities against our troops in Iraq and continuing their malicious efforts to destroy the great state of Israel!
LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pierre beat me to the punch...ship their asses back to one of those friendly, progressive Muslim countries!!! Why the Hell do they live in the West anyway, oh that's right to subvert our way of life and establish the world wide caliphate which Muhammad the pedophile, murdering, ganster scumbag wanted for the world.
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Lest there be any misinterpretation as to why the Pope and Tamimi shook hands after the incident occurred, Tobias Buck (Financial Times explains: Organisers tried to persuade the sheikh to stop, but he continued for several minutes. According to local media reports, there was no translation available, so the pontiff was made aware of the content of the statement only after Mr al-Tamimi had finished speaking. The Pope and his entourage then left the meeting. This post above is very thorough, sadly the day had gone so well especially with the Holy Father's visit to Pres Peres' official residence and the Yad Vashem memorial service. I would note that a senior Hamas politician denounced the Pope today as a "Zionist" and the fact he did not offer up an apology in Jordan nor took off his famous red shoes at the Mosque in Amman also engendered denounciations...
Mohamed can kiss my Roman Catholic ass...he is a major scumbag.
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Mark my words: HUSSEIN Obama, Jr. will pull our troops out of Iraq expeditiously and re-deploy a nominal brigade or two to Afghanistan, will cease the type of drone attacks you cited and will eventual have us withdraw from Afghanistan and/or reduce our forces to the point that our offensive capablility will be truncated and eviscerated!!!
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This guy is aligned with the ANC, a communist organization, which basically misgoverns South Africa in police state fashion. Check out the crime rates, the corruption, the spread of AIDS since the socialists are in power in South Africa.
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I read recently that this guy is 44% Arab, 50% White, 6% Black African (one black descendant) because Luo members do not like to marry with native Africans....since they are from the Middle East originally. No doubt he would be a welcome to the Jihadists, just like Odinga was in Kenya which is pretty much a blueprint for how Obama would govern.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2008 on Arabs: Obama! Inshallah!..... at Weasel Zippers
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Funny how the DNC, the Obama campaign, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NY Times, the Castro brothers and Chavez are all in sync in terms of their rhetoric??? I wonder why.... If Palin becomes VP Mr Citgo will be able to stick all his high sulfur crude up his ass and have NO one to buy it; I wonder how long his petro dictatorship will last then???
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