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Great infographics. I am very surprised by the average number of friends. 229 is much higher than 145 ish which is what I knew.
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Not much comment about the videos, that is a seperate issue altogether. Checking out the comparison between NAB and different credit cards reminded me the value proposotion when Virgin introduced its credit card mid last decade. Playing the underdog against the evil banks, promosing to be less greedy, more transparent etc.The funny thing is, with the usual good branding of Virgin, it became successful and then Virgin sold the credit card to Westpac and it was back to square one.
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Jasmyne what a great post this is. You captured everything and recreated the event. Reading it make me relive the night and I even caught up on couple of things I missed out in the heat of running the event. Thank you :-) Looking forward to catch up in the Spanish dinner. For Facebook users who are interested in the upcoming Social Dinner Club events, please "like" to stay up to date Cenk (@socialdinnerclb)
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Jun 19, 2011