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Ralph may not be the 'flavor of the month', but he is by FAR a much better architect. Gang is JUST a flavor of the month, What has she done? The EXTERIOR of an otherwise non-notable building and then made to believe she just reinvented the wheel? From three blocks away it is hardly noticeable, blending right in with the other schlock. Ralph travels around the world making beautiful buildings under all sorts of conditions for an amazing array of clientele. Jeanne makes so-so buildings with great metaphors attached. Ralph doesn't go around and over promote himself. And he has made beautiful building for 30 years. Of course it is hard to be continually 'hot'. It's not of his concern. Just look at Rush! No jibber-jabber; just a beautiful building.
Thanks for correcting this. It is much better. BK: I didn't correct it. I edited it. Which I did not have time to do the first time around. Welcome to blog world.
Of course you didn't write the release. But what's with the PR puff-stuff. I thought you were a critic. This building is just another thoughtfully composed condo building on top of a parking garage. Same old same old. LEED is arguably best for PR, as it consists of criteria that architects should employ anyways. 8 Spruce street is real step forward in architecture that tells us something about ourselves as a culture; cutting edge technology, integrated fabrication and it's sensitivity to the history of the New York skyline. All of this while pressing to the future. I guess in the same regard, the new condo building that you are enamored with does instill our local priorities, and that's not pretty. By the by, I'm not 'dissing' VDT, I'm 'dissing' you. BK: And you're not identifying yourself--afraid?--so you're kicked off the blog. If you want to diss people, whether me or other architects, then you'll have to get up your courage and stop hiding behind the veil of anonymity.
My apologies; it is obvious that you didn't write the press release. Sorry for the error.
Yes, I am an architect and you are an architectural critic. So, a 'renown' firm gets the lowest LEED score and puts out a press release? It is obvious that you write the press release. But, what's the point of printing it?.
I love the "Designed by the renowned architectural firm Valerio Dewalt Train Associates". WHO? BK: Well, that was in the press release; I didn't write it. And it looks like you're an architect, based on your author name. Since you're dissing VDT, feel free to identify yourself.
How about nominating the lousy/ugly AQUA tower. What a cheap, one-liner FLOP that is.
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Dec 10, 2010