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Centre for Cities
An independent research institute focussing on urban regeneration.
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Mar 15, 2010
Glad you agree, Northern Monkey. Yes, it will be a challenge to get this through - but we will keep at it! DominicJ - we definitely want Business Rates devolved to local authorities, and preferably pooled across e.g. Greater Manchester to pay for new transport infrastructure. We think the Metro level is best for things like transport and job training - and yes, Whitehall should pass those budgets directly to a Metro Mayor - who would have a personal mandate from thousands of people. Thanks for all the comments - do keep them coming. D
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Thanks for all your comments. Your leader, David Cameron, supports elected mayors - so if you don't like them, you should tell him! We're big fans of mayors, but only if they have real powers and cover a big enough area. Greater Manchester is definitely the right area for doing things like transport investment, job training, and strategic planning. Local places like Wigan and Harrogate can still thrive within a wider metropolitan area. It's not a choice between Wigan and Greater Manchester. Wigan can retain its identity as part of Greater Manchester. Just a bit of background on me and Centre for Cities... I'm from Clitheroe in Lancashire. Went to Liverpool University and have got friends in Manchester, Sale, Wigan, Leeds, etc. So I do know the North of England. I've been running the Centre since 2005. Before that, I was a Treasury civil servant for 10 years, including 2 years as private secretary in Ken Clarke's ministerial team (1996-97). Centre for Cities is an independent policy and research institute. We are not a quango. We work directly with individual UK cities on issues like housing, transport and job training. This year, we're working with Birmingham, Liverpool and Southampton. We're funded by a mix of sources, including the Gatsby Foundation, British Property Federation, Asda, and a range of city councils. Caroline Spelman spoke at our reception last night in Manchester. And we are good friends with Justine Greening, Stewart Jackson, Bob Neill, Stephen Hammond, and many other Conservative MPs. Do get back to me if you have any more questions. I'm at conference all week, and pleased that you've come to Manchester this year. All the best, Dermot
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I like the overall look of the new design. But one suggestion for now - the user stats were better in the old design, because bar charts are clearer than spiky graphs that bounce up and down. Could you go back to bar charts for the user stats? If so, I'd definitely start using the new design. Thanks, Dermot
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I wonder which characters might be good in the Tory shadow cabinet? Steve McDonald - Leader Dev Alahan - Shadow Chancellor Becky Grainger - Shadow Home Secretary Tony Gordon - Shadow Business Secretary PS I was nearly a casting assistant for Corrie in the early 90s, but now run the Centre for Cities thinktank.
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