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sure. but reading is not eating. you will not get sick or die if you read something that upsets you. Nor will I starve, be physically uncomfortable, or be likely to suffer in any significant way if I don't read a given author or work of literature. I spent much of my young adult life reading things because I was required to read them, because someone else had decided these were things that a person who wished to study text, writing, literature, and similar topics would benefit from reading. And in turn, I assign certain stories to my students because I generally feel that any student who has completed an Intro to Fiction course should probably have read at least one story by Poe, can learn something about POV from "The Lottery," etc. I am all about the principle that education requires moving outside one's comfort zone. But as others have said, just as I must choose among many foods to eat, I require some criteria for filtering what I read. I reject the notion that those criteria either can or should be apolitical. Choosing to read an author whose works regularly degrade women is no more neutral than choosing NOT to.
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Jun 4, 2011