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Jon, I love your writing and enjoy your columns; however, I truly thought that the memorial last night although was starting as somber turned more into a celbration of life. I did notice the looks on Kyle and McCain's face with how well Napolitano was recieved. I was touched by what she said and truly miss her here in Arizona. Obama did very well, focusing on the victims, families and friends. Trying to comfort them as well as the city, state and country. It was uplifting to me and raised my spirits. I came to Tucson 19 years ago, I've read and learned about our state and it's history, I love where I live and hope to see it return to the city I orginally knew and I know it's still amuch more friendlier city than many others in the U.S.
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When will all this madness stop and politicians and citizens can just work together peacefully?? I love Tucson and it's changed so much in the 19 years I've lived here. This was horrific and I think the politcians and country should all try to resolve their issues!! My prayers are with all the victims, families and friends as well as this country!
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Jan 9, 2011