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This made me LOL Writing the types of books and blogs that we do it is always fun to check out the words people who have entered certain search words and come across(oops sorry) your site. Makes for interesting reading. Sadly we are not what they are looking for. Thanks again for the giggle. Caitlin Grace
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2015 on Dear Porn Searcher, at Vagina Buffet
While I agree with Butterflibliss that it is important to work on our relationship and not neglect it for the sake of our children I have to disagree with the rest. You say your husband loved it when you did it for a birthday surprise( an what self respecting man would tell his beloved that he didn't love the gift she gave him???) has he complained since you stopped waxing? Ultimately it is your body and igf you love getting waxed then do it. And if you don't , don't. The most important lesson you can teach your daughter is that her body is her own and that no-one gets to dictate how it looks or what she decides to do with it. There was a big furore last year when Will smiths daughter cut her hair and Jada Pinkett-Smith wrote the most amazing piece about just this . The gift you give your daughter is ownership of her body, give yourself the same gift and do whatever feels right for you. Obviously your husband loves you regardless of how much or little hair you are sporting "down there" Love and blessings Caitlin
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2013 on To Brazilian or not to Brazilian? at Vagina Buffet
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Aug 12, 2013