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Great post, Asha, but I'm surprised you didn't mention Jon Udell's amazing Library Lookup tool. This great site helps you generate a bookmarklet that you can click when you're viewing any book on Amazon to send you automatically to the book's entry on your library's site, where you can reserve it right away. Saves a ton of time and works like magic once you have it set up: If you're a tad geekier or lazier or both (and who isn't?), you can grab a Greasemonkey script that automatically inserts links right on the Amazon page itself to take you to this entry. (Search for Library Lookup to get started.) With my library card number saved in my browser, I'm just two clicks away from having any book I like on Amazon show up at my library waiting for me — absolutely revolutionary for the way I use libraries. By the way, if you haven't discovered the Mac menu bar item called Library Books, it's another must-have. Auto-magically tells you what you have checked out and when you have books due. Amazing for years, and great support. Find it at Also available as an iPhone app now.
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Apr 1, 2011