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much of the problem lies with player management, Chicago had opportunities in the off season to bring in a quality CM (the major source of Chicago's woes).The front office also was slow at bringing in relief players, even though he was impressive in training and they had a roster slot open ;it took them 3 months to sign Ristic.There are other glaring issues which have taken place over the last year with personnel decisions,Carlos is the easy target here-but not the only one at fault.When it comes down to it the off season decision to pass over competent and available European playmakers-and wait it out for something more "marketable" is the knife in this years season.This goes to the top of the organization and possibly to NY with the league office's desire for Chicago to have at least one well known Mexican player at Toyota Park.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2010 on Chicago's coaching flop at Soccer By Ives
Chicago really needs a true CM/Playmaker , but Im guessing the Mexican international in question is one-Guillermo Franco.Still would be a damned good signing and would bolster the Fire's hobbling Striker corp.And the combination of being a md season signing and traded Allocation money would make Franco only a $150,000 hit against the cap. My money is that the next Chicago DP will be Franco.
The Fire wee not "hotly pursuing " Blanco.They merely expressed interest in him returning. (SBI-Believe that if you want. Teams that fail to sign a target tend to not have had as much interest after the fact.)
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2010 on Blanco joins Mexican side Irapuato at Soccer By Ives
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Feb 4, 2010