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What is the distinction between a hypothesis and a "working hypothesis"? Aren't all hypotheses simply works in progress subject to revision when new or contradictory data comes to light?
Here is the Nutter dissertation:
Yes but doesn't that mean that states are essentially dictating what exotics can be counted on the ABA area list? For example, Mute Swan in Idaho is not considered established and would therefore not countable. Does this only apply to state lists or does it include the ABA area list? And what about states/provinces without BRC's (there are some). I know this has come up elsewhere but it would be worth further clarification here.
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A Brambling was found over the weekend in Hailey, Idaho:
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Richland WA is actually closer than Boise, an hour less driving time, and has regular air service (Lewiston, ID a mere 2 hour drive also has fairly regular air service.) Winter weather *can* be an issue but road closures are pretty uncommon and driving to Wallowa Co. is usually not a problem except during an ongoing snow storm.
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Great - thanks Bill. We will definitely get these fixed later this year. And I'll share this app. w/ our birders. (I've been thinking about doing an area big year that encompasses a multi-state area, apps. like this will be very helpful in such endeavors.)
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Thanks Bill, I'm the Idaho CBC editor & don't recall any contact from NAS on this but we will be working on getting count circles corrected (after current the current round of data entry & review is done!). I've had a number of comments from Idaho birders for the first time this past CBC season. With eBird and greater location awareness thanks to smartphones (which is great!) this is really coming to the fore. In some cases only the compiler really knows the actual count center! thanks, Charles.
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Only available on iOS :( It is true that many count circles centers seem to be inaccurate based on what Audubon is showing. We are finding this in Idaho even for more recently created CBC's. The inaccuracies seem to be greater than one would expect simply from mapping centers on paper maps (although this could be part of the problem).
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Or perhaps more appropriately the act of re-establishing a population (which isn't always successful). Often these days it seems a matter of debate as to whether what is being re-introduced formerly occupied the area (e.g. Trumpeter Swan, Wild Turkey, etc.)
I see these has having 2 different meanings as Rick suggests. I am most familiar with the term re-introduction from a fish and game agency context which is widely used and accepted to mean re-establishment of an extirpated population (without distinction to that population being "native" or "introduced" in the first place).
How do you define endangered? Black Rail is not on the U.S. Endangered Species List. It may be on a N.J. state list but if we're going to get technical this needs to be defined. And these lists tend to be moving targets so determining what is & what is not an endangered species could be problematic in some cases. (BTW still no Nov. Birding in north-central Idaho, I will let you know when it arrives!)
Phew, that good news. A bunch of Idaho birders would have been disappointed to learn they had missed that. Didn't realize there was a Boise city in Oklahoma.
Nate - Where did you find the Hepatic Tanager record for Idaho? That would be new to us here in Idaho! thanks, Charles. (I did find a 2010 record for IL)
Somebody was moving it around yesterday (was even out of focus for a while) but now is back pointing at the same spot. Favorable winds today - northeast at 12 mph. I will check the Facebook page, could be more information there.
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Who controls what the webcam is viewing at any given time? The current view appears to fairly unproductive (of course it could just be that there aren't many birds on the island at the moment). Thanks!
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2012 on Birding by Webcam at ABA Blog
Ted - I have not received my September Birding yet and some of these Birding related posts are already getting buried in the ABA blog. I see they are linked in the Birding Magazine section but still guessing it might be better to roll out the blog posts after most members have received their paper copy (whenever that is - things do take a bit longer to get to northern Idaho!). thanks, Charles.
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Noah - one correction to your final comment above is that you will almost certainly have to use reading glasses at some point in your life due to age-related presbyopia. This presents a challenge and a bit of a conundrum for those of us at that age who may also have considered refractive surgery (for all the reasons you mention above). Refractive surgery may even accelerate this process (or at least the timing of using reading glasses since it becomes harder to focus on objects near and far). It's a matter of trade-offs and obviously many people feel it's still worthwhile. For the time being I've opted for multi-focal contact lenses and can still operate fairly well without reading glasses and they are fine for birding. Also like many birders I often wear sun glasses and of course these are available with prescription glass and reading inserts. Thanks for the post - it's a good topic and I would think of interest to many birders.
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More in the nature essay genre. Any book by Bernd Heinrich (many of which do include bird studies), "A Sand County Almanac" by Aldo Leopold, "Arctic Dreams" by Barry Lopez just to name a few.
Great - thanks all for the information. Would be worth mentioning this on the web form (so many of us are used to registering for a web site and getting instant access).
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2012 on August 2012 "Winging It" online now! at ABA Blog
Thanks Michael, I figured that but usually toss packaging from Birding & ABA which has that information (& can't find any other ABA pubs w/ mailing label). Guess I will call or email. Might be worth mentioning this somewhere on the new user registration web page (this was probably mentioned somewhere recently but I guess I missed it). Thanks!
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2012 on August 2012 "Winging It" online now! at ABA Blog
It's probably worth mentioning this is only available to ABA members along with the best way to get one's membership number (I don't seem to have any ABA publications handy which presumably shows this). Can I email someone at ABA to get this? Looking forward to seeing it when I get access!
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2012 on August 2012 "Winging It" online now! at ABA Blog
Invalidated records are also findable in eBird by reviewers using the review tool but I get the point. (But where would you want to show invalidated records in eBird?) With regard to individual eBird reviewers having the ultimate power, in Idaho we often communicate among ourselves on difficult records. Whether folks like it or not this probably is the way things are moving. eBird has asked reviewers to defer to BRC's where possible but also not to hold records in an endless limbo waiting for BRC's to act. I do agree (& perhaps this is part of the point being made) that eBird is not a good repository for these types of records in its present form.
Just to clarify one thing, we the eBird reviewers would defer to the IBRC if they ultimately came to a different conclusion.
This is right-on and I agree with Jim that it is already happening. In fact in Idaho (where I serve as an eBird reviewer & BRC alternate) the eBird reviewers have determined that we will validate eBird records of well documented Idaho review species regardless of IBRC action on that record. We still encourage these observers to submit their record to the IBRC but not all will. Ultimately BRC's will have to figure out what to do with these kinds of records.
Is this true for all BRC's? Our online record archive shows a complete history of accepted and not accepted records for each year going back to 2006 for anyone to view. So aither category of records can be revisited at any time. (see for example