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Dec 27, 2010
That's the big question, Dude. Hard to say now what will happen in the new Congress, but here are some of Josten's initial thoughts:
Velma, as we've said repeatedly, no foreign money is used to fund our political activities. The allegations are made up. The people inventing the allegations want to distract from the real conversation, which is how best to grow jobs and our economy. Please don't be fooled.
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June - I understand your frustrations, but let's not pray for injury, just for voter-imposed early retirements - BP
Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly (BP)
Christine - As the above statement makes clear Donohue was not commenting in the way that was subsequently reported. The recovery of the Gulf Coast is clearly in our best interests. BP
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NS - Thank you for your thoughtful reply. This post is a good summary of our financial regulatory reform efforts. For more visit the CCMC website at: Regarding regulation and oversight, we do advocate against specific solutions which either fail to solve or even in some cases exacerbate identified problems. Actually, to be precise, we typically advocate against individual elements of those solutions, while suggesting better options. Your mention of Enron is interesting as in that case we clearly saw a rush to increase regulation without a clear vision of improving overall oversight, or the consequences of the regulation. On energy please visit our Energy Institute for a complete view: Thanks - BP
Not Supplied - You are offering the same flawed narrative as the original poster. As with financial regulation no one is saying that change is not needed*. Donohue’s point was that we might want to figure out the problems before we rush into the solutions. From the Politico article: "I’m not too much of an advocate of doing the surgery before the diagnosis." Doing something just to say you did something might be good politics, but it rarely makes for good policy. And regarding making legal changes retroactive in order to punish individuals or individual companies, I am stunned that anyone would support this. This is very dangerous territory. *You really picked a bad example regarding the Chamber and FinReg. We were calling for financial regulatory reform for years before the crisis.
We'll check it out. Thanks. BP
NS - These businesses all are already regulated by the FTC. If this is happening, someone should complain to the FTC. There is no need to put a second regulator on the beat – bring the issue to the attention of the FTC, whose entire focus is consumer protection and which has an initiative underway right now to combat consumer financial fraud. Consumerist post: No one is arguing that financial services businesses like payday lenders, etc. should not be covered. The question is why nonfinancial businesses should be covered simply because the engage is some “financial activity” as an adjunct to their regular business – and because they are covered already by the FTC. Why not focus the new agency on true financial services businesses and leave other types of businesses to the FTC? - BP
Indeed you do. Thanks for this. Quite a few folks have sent me stuff, will do a follow-up soon. Meanwhile, see Shopfloor's great coverage and this HuffPo piece from Nancy Cleeland upon leaving the LA Times: (BP)
Kurt - If you say so. No we are not. Not his call. Our job is to represent our members, who are the job creators. We do advise Congress on how to create and retain jobs. Leveque, that's French right? (BP)
Tom - I know! Reminds me of this bit from the CIA Factbook on Italy "Italy also has a sizable underground economy, which by some estimates accounts for as much as 15% of GDP." Obviously according to the blogger response, since there isn't a precise number for Italy's underground economy, only estimates, the must not be an underground economy. (BP)
Andrew - The lie, which you are pushing, is that anyone who opposed the legislation which passed is against health care reform. There were/are a vast number of non-status quo solutions, many of which are better than the one that passed. (BP)
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Edward - We were for health care reform and still are -- what passed was a not a solution to the problem. Our interests are our member’s interest and the business community needs real health care reform to include cost controls. We support good proposals (see education yesterday) and oppose bad ones regardless of party origin. Our position on insurance reforms is quite clear, see above. You are the one making this about politics; we need it to be about health care. (BP)
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on Health Reform We Support at The ChamberPost
Jimmy - Nothing hysterical about citing Becker's own writings. Pistol - This appointment has nothing to do about protect workers. Quite the opposite. (BP)
Briches - interesting word consequences... Benedict - There was participation, it was a rejection of one of the three candidates. But since it was the one Big Labor wanted, they got it anyway. (BP)
Mike - Don't pull the status quo routine. No one wants the status quo, and a bill, now law, which doubles-down on the status quo wasn't a good bill and isn't a good law. There are much better solutions, we have suggested many. BP
Chuck - I can’t honestly expect progressives to take advice from the Chamber! But Wilson’s message here that the answer to (perceived) control by an economic elite is not to replace it with control by a public elite (no matter how benevolent you think they are) is a good one. Maybe they will listen to him. BP
Dave, If you are talking about the American people, yes, they have been punked by the claims of deficit reduction. If you are talking abou me, I have seen nothing contradicting these two reports. Others confirming below BP
Joy - We are not fighting health care reform, we are fighting for health care reform. The current legislation will do nothing to lower costs for individuals or for small businesses. (BP)
Michael - We are not fighting health care reform, we are fighting the current health care reform bills - which the American people strongly oppose and which will clearly be viewed by future historians as a dangerous folly. (BP)
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Mar 15, 2010
Jeff - The answer to addressing protectionist measures in other countries is not to adopt more protectionist measures ourselves. As the world's largest exporter getting into a tit-for-tat trade war is not to our benefit. And as for trusting our trade negotiations to the economic acumen of union and labor leaders, you are surely joking. (BP)
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2010 on Trading Up for Jobs at The ChamberPost