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Ricoh GRD 4. Only in second place, I'm sorry to say: Leica M 6 with collapsible Voigtländer 50 mm F/3.5. Sometimes I *make* myself use film and I almost never regret it.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2013 on The Out-the-Door Test at The Online Photographer
Don't be cautious about that, I think it will be received fine on this blog. Plus, you'll be really doing something for the (re-)acceptance of silver-halide based photography. A worthy cause. You might also think about doing this together with Ctein. His book Post Exposure is one of the best darkroom books I know of.
Concerning the films: Huh? Kodak Ektar and TMY-2 so far down low? While I like Fuji films, those two have different and superior qualities. Price isn't that much better with Fuji, or is it?
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Jun 4, 2010