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Hi all! I just want "honest citizen" to know that I am still here. I didn't go away. I did not speak up because I am a disgruntle past employee. You obviously don't know me. It was killing me to lie to Mr. Schubert when I was working for the City. I lied at the time because I felt it was important to be a loyal employee and I thought for sure that somehow it would all work out. There were many consequences in me speaking up. The worst of all........ I knew that what i had to say would make some of the grestest city employees look bad. Some dug there own grave but others were inocent in the matter and i knew it was going to look bad for them. I lost some of the best friends I ever had. They are good people and all Rye residents should be proud to have them working for you! I spoke up and said what needed to be said. I don't want to write on myrye etc. Because I don't want to get involved in constantly defending my words and dealing with people picking my words apart.
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Apr 2, 2011