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I will argue with myself now and say that I might have been more interested in facts when I was younger (I learned them, but then forgot them, since I had little use for many of them.) if I had had access to more discussion of them and why they were important, or not. also more access to differing points of view. The internet is neutral - we can either use it to stay in our bubbles with our friends, or use it to explore other points of view. The latter opportunity is indeed valuable.
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I think Susan has some good points and these aspects should be considered. The sentence that stood out for me was "At our hearts, we too are all about information:" To me, that is one problem with education today. We should be more about analyzing, evaluating, and making sense of information. I am not sure these skills are being stressed as much as simple information gathering. Yes, it's important to know things, especially history - otherwise how can you evaluate particular assertions about history? But it's also important to be able to go beyond information. I find the internet to be a great source of quick easy facts, but not as good a source for thoughtful discussion of those facts and their implications. For that, I believe that good old-fashioned professional journalist sources excel.
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Dec 2, 2009