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Everytime I read shit about someone or other stating that they only hire under 30... I get this urge to go apply for a job. I'm one of those hateful people who will still look like a teenager when I'm 40. Last week I had lunch with my mom during her break - she teaches science to 6th graders. Afterwards I walked with her back to her classroom and in the time it took me to get through the hallways on my way out, two different teachers and the AP had asked me for my hall pass. This is a JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. My 30th birthday is in two months. Shoot me please. I'm always told that I'll be grateful to look so young, one day. People have been saying this since I was 18. Is it one day yet? Do you have any idea how embarassing it is to have to show your driver's license to the school principal to prove you aren't in fact a 12 yr old student and thus should be allowed to walk out of the building?