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Congratulations :) She's precious. I also had a csection after 21 hrs of labor and then a c section that wasn't planned but wasn't an emergency and no labor. Night and day :) I'd have preferred the natural birth but I'd take the csection and no labor any day :). Glad to hear how well you're doing :)
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As a Wisconsin resident, let me echo the amen. It's ridiculous! So many lies, so many people messing up our beautiful capitol building! So many legislators not doing their job! The Conservatives were the minority for many years and were always there to do their job.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2011 on A Low Point for Democracy at Write Thinking
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Well, today is my birthday so I hope I'm right:) I'm guessing Debbie MacComber (spelling on the last name?!) Malissa aka the Birthday Girl:)
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Nov 3, 2010