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I, too, keep a running supply of homemade breadcrumbs that I make from assorted baguettes left over from meals. I find a mixture of various sources adds to the quality. So thanks for sharing this tip. But I must add another comment too. I am astonished that someone as allegedly well-versed in food and all its facets, including entertaining and hospitality, would be disappointed by a gift such as this. What did you think you deserved? Iranian Imperial Golden Osetra caviar? A white truffle? You probably got that and then some from your various advertisers and courtiers when you were you the Big Cheese and understandably came to expect the corporate largesse as your due. Gifts that anyone with position or expense account could offer. So it is also understandable you would not recognize the specialness of a homemade gift and also what it represents: the time invested by the giver; the respect it shows for your time, and the time it took to develop the skill to make something so humble so ineffably delicious. May I recommend you go back to reread some great food writers such as MFK Fisher or Laurie Colwin to reacquaint yourself with the how these gifts satisfy the soul as well as the belly. You might also discover what joy there is in dispensing gratitude and credit, particularly if you treat them as more than crumbs from your table.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2011 on Gift Guide, Day 25 at Ruth Reichl
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Jan 31, 2011