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I was self employed just about all my working life .I loved what I did..Six years ago my married daughter that I raised on my own said ..Oh come on.Dad pack it in..So I sold the Biz paid off my Condo,.Had a good chunk of cash in the bank and nearly went stark raving mad.I was lost trying to fill in the hours..I found out that ,IF YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO..THEN YOU ARE NOT WHEN YOU DONT..As far as travelling goes .Well I did the Europe thing The Hawaii thing .The middle East thing..I was always glad to get the hell home..But I realize I am lucky compared to a lot of people..But theres a LOT to be said for enjoying what you do in life.
Like everything else in life..Retirement is a state of mind..As Abe lincoln said "A man is about as happy as he makes his mind up to be"..Anothere old saying .."If you love what you do .Then you will never work a day in your life"..I think it is sad that people say ..Well now that i am "FREE" I can finally do what i have always wanted to do..Life is too short to spend most of it waiting to be retired to do the freedom thing..Reading these posts i find is sort of in a way sad for our society..Freedom 55 and all that stuff from the eighties..It created a insecurity in people that their great granparents never had..So my advice is ..By all means think of and take care of the future..But dont forget to ENJOY TODAY MORE..Because Tomorrow is not guarenteed to any of us..To me security is a house/condo no matter how humble Paid In full and enough to carry the other stuff food heat hydro and a little left over to travel a little..But #1 Dont worry be happy..
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Mar 10, 2013