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I pasted my curly quotes in and hoped for the best. WYSIMOLWYG, as they say. We seem to have run out of steam. If we can't automate search-and-replace in the live text (though Rhiannon's reminder about the power of grep InDesign is a good one), it comes down to how to mark up the original text in such a way that it's easy to match up with the proof. I can only suggest a smart find-and-replace that highlights in colour (cf Logophilus) only pairs of double quotes that are inside pairs of double quotes. Or perhaps it would be better to detect these and then colour the entire paragraph. But I can't think of any way to show on what page of the proof to look. Carol, when are you going to put us out of our misery?
Search: (“)([^”]*)(“) Replace: \1\2‘ Search: (”)([^“]*)(”) Replace: ’\2\1 In other words, grep is your friend. The first pair of patterns above say (assuming the curly quotes survive intact): “Find an opening double quote followed first by zero or more characters that are not closing double quotes and then by another opening double quote. Replace the second opening double quote with an opening single quote.” The second pair do the same thing for the closing quotes. Someone skilled at grep could combine these into a single operation, I’m sure. Nisus Writer Pro does grep very well, but MS Word is pretty powerful in this respect although the syntax is different. Geeky but immensely useful.
The Reader function in Safari (now in the Windows version too, I gather) is brilliant. Just click a button to display good-sized black text on a clean white page. It's also clever at automatically assembling multi-page articles into a single page. and look for "Safari Reader". You can print the Reader view too, so -- at least on a Mac -- it's easy to create a nice clean PDF.
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Jan 5, 2011