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I think it disingenuous for some to claim a story has no end. Beginning and ending, plot, character, conflict and resolution - these are the things that define a story whatever the context, be it boardroom or a open fire beneath a winter sky. Try telling a story that has no ending and see how many times people listen repeatedly as they will to the Iliad or Harry Potter. To satisfy a story must end but people will participate in a narrative that's evolving, uncertain, and endless. They will become engaged and committed to the right narrative. The history of US democracy is an example, perhaps a cautionary one.
David Hutchens refers to faith and belief as if emotions are a flaw in John's argument for the strength of narrative. In fact, anything less than faith and belief is insufficient to inspire imagination, engagement or fierce loyalty. The self-centered, emotionless, insipid narratives lived by most companies has led to the 70% disengagement among employees reported by Gallup this year. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting David's objection but I strongly believe that emotion isn't a weakness in the argument for narrative, it's a necessity.
The power of narrative derives from shared faith in some greater potential, a faith that sparks imagination and ignites action. I can't think of many corporate narratives that do either. Maybe that's a worthwhile goal itself - to gather compelling narratives, to understand their power.
I think the logical place to postiion the WAA's ethical guidelines for practioners would be within the Standards Committee, an ethical standard comparable to our technical standards, giving equal weight to both. As we respond to questions about our ethical standards we'll inevitably deal with the resulting technical implications. I suppose a case might be made for two separate committees addressing each issue independently but I think there's greater impact with treating the ethical and technical issues as two sides of the same coin.
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Pamela, Jones survived the Artic (his dog Tripod, too) and wrote his first book, Ice. In fact, he survived being wrecked mid-Atlantic by a whale, smuggling Barbary apes for Franco's facists, and wrote several more books. Years ago I saw him speak at the Marin Civic Center, the one designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. That was when he still had both of his legs. I was never certain whether he was telling the truth about his life or tall stories but even if only a fraction were true, he still led a wonderfully interesting life. What they say about mad dogs and Englishmen is true. It's also true that they make the most interesting eccentrics.
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Jay, I'm in Seattle so I guess it's an E/W thing. I used to sail past the Hills Brothers factory in San Francisco, on the Embarcadero. The smell downwind was noxious and the H in the huge sign on the roof often lost illumination, advertising "ills Brothers." I'm ragging on Hills Brothers but I have nothing against them, just not fond of their coffee. Their advertising, on the other hand, is pretty good.
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