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I've been building Web sites since the graphic Web started in 1994 and I have seen a lot of technologies come and go. I am very skeptical about depending upon any third-party for business (be it for profit or not-for-profit). While we may advise clients to take advantage of the reach social media platforms provide, we view these as ADDITIONAL channels to their Web site and they should be REDUNDANT. For example, in addition to a YouTube Channel, have videos on your Web site -not embeded from YT, but on your Web server- (This helps with SEO as well). So to those who are using a third-party blog service, get a WordPress blog on your own domain; to those who are only using gmail and Google docs, calendar etc., add redundancy by downloading gmail to your hard drive as well (set gmail to a POP account), keep copies of Google Docs on your computer and use a FREE suite off applications in place of Microsoft Office - like for Macs or for Windows, sync your Google Calendar with a desktop calendar. I'm not saying this only about Free applications. I do not advise depending on any third party services (SAS) or cloud computing. Again, I am not saying don't use them. I am saying do not depend upon them. If you use them, make backups and it is best to have a service which you can substitute in place of any third party if need be. In my opinion this is part of being a responsible professional. Just like you would not be responsible if you were entirely dependent upon any subcontractor with no alternatives, don't be dependent upon any third-party on-line services without a back-up in place.
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Apr 20, 2010