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Congratulations to Jonathan (and John & Jim who I don't know personally)! NewWest's lists of journalistic accomplishments are numerous but these days perhaps the biggest is that he and his team built a high quality journalism product (it won the award for the top news site by the Online News Association) that has become economically sustainable in a very difficult time. The list is very short of sites who have done that especially with a significant sized team. After becoming a loyal reader of NewWest, my hyperlocal site (SunValleyOnline) became partners with NewWest via a content sharing relationship. Among the areas that were innovative at the time is how they created a "pro-am" model of journalism that is becoming the norm and I think Jonathan coined that term. They also have been innovative in their blend of online and events/conferences that tapped new revenue streams and audiences. Jonathan brought a caliber of conference to the Rockies that is rarely seen. Another innovation that is now common place is how they have incorporated their flickr group into NewWest. Check out NewWest's flickr pool and you'll see world class photography from the region. This may seem ho-hum today but it was cutting edge when they did it to begin with and I am sure they will continue to break new ground. Innovation that will affect our space will come from many corners whether journalistically, revenue focused or technology focused (e.g., Twitter et al). Hats off to all the innovators! It's desperately needed.
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You captured the feel of the area very well (I live in SV). Your experience with lift lines is the norm. The worst line I've ever experienced on the busiest day of the season is 10 minutes. The flip side of it being somewhat difficult to get to SV is the lack of crowds. If one is up for Nordic/X-C or backcountry/heli skiing, it's even more the case. There's a new gondola making the trip up the mountain that much more pleasant. The other thing that isn't unusual about your experience is the folks in their 60's, 70's and even 80's. One of the best boarders on the entire mountain is well into his 70's. The guy absolutely rips down the mountain. The father of one of my daughter's friends is 83 and still skis 100+ days a year (and his daughter is 10!). It's truly inspiring to see these folks tear it up. The part about Sun Valley that attracted us beyond even the recreation were the people. You won't find a friendlier high-end ski resort in this country.
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Dec 1, 2009