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Sir, I totally agree. Whilst not a Labour Party supporter, nor (now) a full time resident in the UK but one who resides in the EU I am totally disgusted by these resignations which realistically appear only to be for 'self good' rather than for the good of the public constituent. MP's should remember they are elected to represent the views of their constituents (which I know full well you do very well) and that may differ from personal (MP) and or individual party views. MPs are not elected for any other reason. Since Brexit (regretfully from here) all that has happened is 'me me me' not 'them, them them' Regardless of personal views all now MP's have a legal and moral duty to represent the popular vote. If they wish to resign on principle then they should resign from the commons NOT from an unelected but appointed body (Cabinet/Shadow Cabinet).
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Jun 26, 2016