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paper crafting
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Collage! YES! i have made them since i was a teenager. My friends got collage posters for their rooms and collage birthday cards that reflected their loves, lives, events, inside jokes, favorites, etc. I did not know it was art back then but i did know they loved it. I used magazine clippings and i am still tearing magazines apart for various projects. Looks like I need a trip to Michaels for another journal and a new UHU stick which is my preference. Wondering if Helmar makes one? Another great idea, Donna.
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How very sweet of you to be giving a gift on your Birthday! There is so much to be grateful for. I record my gratitude in a journal i keep bedside. Nightly reflection will make an even difficult day seem worthwhile. Don't you think most of us are thankful for almost the same "top ten" things? Sometimes it is the little things...a phone call when you need it most, a book that touches your heart, or a blog that inspires you like a fire that has been lit from within. Whatever it is that makes us grateful, i think taking the time to acknowledge it is what makes our lives worth living. Have a wonderful Birthday,Dawn. I am grateful for all the inspiration you bring me.
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Want to come teach this in NJ?
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2011 on Art Journaling Club at Balzer Designs
i would love to go to camp!
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This was such a great post! I am an English teacher and will give you an A+ for your compare and contrast essay. Great visuals. Great links. lol I have some walnut ink tintz too and will dig them out. I appreciate the informative work. Now I can go play!!
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2011 on Distress Stain Adventures at Balzer Designs
your photos, the colors and mother nature are all fabulous thanks for sharing
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