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All this back and forth is cute, but these pickups are VERY CLOSE in an overall sense and their weaknesses compared to another are ever so obvious here. The Ram Ecodiesel and Colorado both have EXCELLENT unloaded fuel economy and both suffer badly when loaded. Neither is the most impressive in acceleration or stopping either and the Colorado is obviously smallest. If you don't need speed or strong towing, but still want a pickup, the COLORADO seems like a great pickup! If you want a little speed and decent towing, the 2.7L F150 is the way to go. If you really need to tow big weight all the time, the only pickup here to use is the 3.5L F150 and the others are fine if they offer a V8 and you buy the V8. There's complaints about weight of the pickups, but consider that some weigh the actual vehicle while others simply go w/ the manufacturers listed weight. In this case, they showed us that they weighed them on the same scale. All things w/ a grain of salt, so to speak.
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Feb 7, 2015