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Used to be that newspaper editors would question the sources for their journalists articles. Questions where who, what, where and why. Real journalist like Edward R. Murrows are now VERY few and VERY far in-between. Even most well known news outlets are more tabloid than informative. Sad.
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2012 on Considering the source at KC DOG BLOG
I initially thought that maybe Bryant didn't know better but when reading the committee hearings and listening to the testimonies of so many professional experts speaking against the ban and all giving stellar reasons for it, I realized then for HIM it was about EGO. No-one in their "right" mind could look at the real facts and not understand the ban was to get media attention(and probably take the heat off the ministry for ALL the gang shootings that happened in the Toronto area that year). He did NOT care IF he was doing the "right" thing, he wanted only to APPEAR that he was. Oh and the PRESS would never have ratted Byrant out for his alcohol problem. HE was their favourite "20 second sound byte". They KNEW they could count on outlandish "over the top" statements from him. As far as McGuinty how could HE not know HE put an alcoholic as Attorney General of Ontario. Shameful AND Pathetic.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2012 on PUT YER SCUBA SUITS ON! at Caveat
Brain dead. Most of them. To think I used to read and believe. Thank goodness I finally gave my head a shake and most of the rocks in my head fall out. More than I can say about most``media` types these days.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2012 on SLUMMING WITH THE FOURTH ESTATE at Caveat
It is not a priority for her because her four legged family member is SAFE. She does not have to worry that "authories" are going to enter her house, without a warrant, and take her non-offending off to a shelter to be killed based only on appearance. THIS is Happening ALL the time across Ontario and just because people don't read about it in the media does not mean it does not happen. I also SEE that Theresa believes "certain breeds seem to have been the dog of choice for owners who wanted an aggressive animal". WOW. I have news for Theresa. Just because media ONLY reports bad dogs owners does NOT again mean that thousands of good citizens and responsible dog owners do NOT own "these" dogs! Mrs. Armstrong should have attended "Hershey's Rally" last August when between 700 to 1000 owners of "these" dogs turned out to protest the ban. The protest was to SHOW our government elected officials WHO really is being targeted and turned into 3rd class citizens. Press releases went out to mainsteam media to that effect. GUESS how many "mainstream media types" showed up? Thank goodness for for "niche" media markets! Good on Theresa for filling out the survey but she needs to get outside of the "bubble" she lives within.
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Aug 14, 2011