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Toughie, for sure. I am a product of divorce, as is my son. I remember times that I did not want to stay with my dad, just because it was weird and different. I've never had that problem with my son, but he has gotten to the age where he says things like 'I want to go to my dad's' or 'I want to go to my mum's' when he's upset at either of us. We don't give him the choice. Not because we are dictators, but because we feel that respect and the other parents feelings are very important. Given the choice, he'd probably choose to have pizza every night of the week , too. So we take his age related fickleness with a grain of salt and tell him that he is going, and that it'll be fine. Maybe if her dad did up a 'special' room for her, brought over some of her stuff, made it feel a bit more like home, she'd be less reluctant. At that age most kids just hate to part with their 'stuff' and maybe, just maybe, a bit of her is feeling bad for leaving you all alone. Maybe next time tell her you are going out to dinner with friends, so she doesn't worry about you (kids are amazing worry warts). Don't know what else to say, but make a routine and stick to it. She'll be fine!!!! Luck n stuff x
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Jan 21, 2011