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Interests: Dave Barry, Sopranos, Ian McEwan, Ruth Rendell, Bill Simmons, playing tennis, Ricky Gervais, fantasy football, spicy foods
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Colts defensive tackle Booger penetrates the Bears line and gets ... Grossman. Not that I would wish for anyone to get hurt, Chicago's backup QB is Griese. Imagine the possibilities.
Hey all, this is Brent, finally checking in - I was stuck at work w/o internet all day, followed by a tennis match. Judi, thanks for posting the link. Until now I've been a happy lurker, but it seemed the right time to out myself. Beppie, the picture was taken *after* the talk and reading by Dave and Ridley - that's why we're all smiley. If you have never been to one of their readings, I highly encourage it. You won't be disappointed. Even though I'm sure they are tired of giving the same spiel, they appeared very fresh (lack of deodorant notwithstanding) and happy to be there. As was everyone in the audience (only about 100 people in Scottsdale last night). I showed up 5 minutes before start and got a front row seat. Must have been my lucky day.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2006 on PHOENIX STRUMPDATE at Dave Barry's Blog
Hmmm. Is Dave man enough to eat it?
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