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I do not like name calling and ad hominem arguments. (Everything else I see as a matter of the ad mixture of my own biases and my predisposition. So, for example I am never surprised that I note over-generalization, or, assuming facts not in evidence, or, violations of logic, are felt by me as a temporary, annoying splinter. I'm a big fan of the social sciences too.) Less attacking the opponent and more disagreeing to disagree is congenial to me. SST has thrived for 11 years, and one reason is the imposition of grown-up limits.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2016 on Another Warning at Sic Semper Tyrannis
This election is very shapeable by unknown future events, so, it is too early for me to weigh in with a hunch. It will be a turn out election because the national elections always are so. I'm a supporter of HRC, a weak candidate in a weird year. No. the weirdest year. That the money and the biddings of liberal and conservative wing elites have long imposed two differing variations on self-serving social engineering has been the rolling case for how long? When has this not been the case? It would take a gun to my head to vote for Mr. Trump. Well, you'd have to find me first and yank me to the polls. (Is Trump serious about putting armed poll watchers outside Black precincts in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh?) I suspect HRC would navigate the inevitable gridlock as President Obama has done so during the last six years. Also, I think the foreign policy of Obama she inherits will continue, with its principle feature being aversion to throwing thousands of ground troops into a meat grinder. The mayhem on the ground in the mideast will continue with its horrifying consequences for the innocent. It is possible Trump wins and the GOP sweeps the Congress, yet, doesn't come close to the sixty votes required to legislate freely. What would he do? He doesn't strike me as someone who feels that his messianic mission (evidently based in the reasoning power of a 5th grader, and the personality of a 3rd grade playground bully,) need yield to the exigencies of the rule of law. (I do know that there exist jaw dropping fantasies on the far right about what Trump "must do," irrespective of the constraints given in our well-formed governing structure.) However, I will confidently predict he will direct his children to make him as much money as humanly possible given the opportunity a President has to cue up the overnight markets. I would suggest betting against the markets starting on January 20. I'm certain Trump's kids will do so, and, do so with borrowed money. (Really, everybody here does understand that Trump plans to deliver giant tax decreases to the very persons he rightly claims are helping to rig the system.) Well, Trump visits my hometown Wednesday to sit down with Hannity and a local minister who understands that the God of all has delivered Trump to us for the sake of vanquishing, literally, the forces of Satan in a 'last chance' situation. Insane.
How hard is it to dig up deplorable fantasies about Mr. Trump and his moment in history; a moment supposed by some to be all about eradicating social justice warriors, cultural marxism, feminism, etc.? Do not such moments often call forth the hardest men? By contrast, the equivalent on the left is easily found, where? The war of all against all seems to be about one utopianism vs the other utopianism. There's nothing in this thread that casts the opponents in the gray light of modernity.
"and show the insider Wall St fat cats on Nov 8th" Trump's tax plan gives those fat cats and wealthy coastal elites a giant tax cut. Help me out--if you dare to--and explain why the coastal and fat financial elites would gain the most in Trump's tax plan. Side note: Trump is raising big money from the usual GOP plutocrats too. Why? I thought one of his selling points is he was beholden to nobody.