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There might be some truth to these allegations. The journalist has chosen the weakest link in this circumstance as pivotal point to prove his innocence. Claiming to be a father of three and wanting to have those kids tested provesnothing. 1. Paternity has not been proven. His wife could be bringing these kids from outside to cover up her husband's tracks. It could be a family arrangement. 2. Even if the kids are his, its a known medical fact that a combination of several medications can actually spare babies born by HIV infected parents. 3. Why is he not offering to take the test and have the results presented to a court of law as a prelude to his intended litigation? Until he has been tested by an independent medical entity and have his legal representative address the public, I will not be persuaded. Finally, when will Cameroonian women start asking their boyfriends to wear condoms? Is sex that much of a need that they are ready to strip naked for a 2-3 minute exstassy in exchange for a deadly disease?
First, these suckers have no business hanging around.They don't have our interest at heart, and they are not supposed to. Tekum, you bring up some very good points and let me just add to that. Crude that has a high sulfur content yields a lot of residue when refined. The end result is a lot of its bye products end up as grease which is needed for lubrication. Some of it makes up the tar we need for construction. Cameroon built its refinery along the same line as Nigeria's first two refineries. They had no capacity for refining crude with a high sulfur content. So, they had to build a third in Kaduna. The so called line that runs from Port Harcourt to Kaduna is not actually carrying crude from anywhere in Nigeria to the North, but carrying crude imported from the Gulf States to Kaduna for refining. The Frenchmen kicking against Cameroon having such a refinery are simply saying, "the sooner you have this capability, the sooner France will lose some of the market where to dump its exports. If some of you will recall, we were expected to have completed a paper mill back in thew 90s to produce newsprint for the entire central African region. The equipment were expected to handle tropical soft wood. France, under the directives of a French engineer convinced uf the texture of the type of wood in question was not an engineering problem. We got the equipment and work was completed. On the first day of production, the equipment blew up, killing 15 employees, all Cameroonians. I met the daughter of the said engineer here in North America and was tempted to strangle her. We couldn't even find a buyer to take the damaged equipment at its salvage value. Here we are, forty-nine years after independence, and still having Frenchmen print our money, holding us at gun-point and telling us they will quit if their opinions are not listened to.For all I care, they should not have been there in the first place. Its time the university of Buea opened up a department of petroleum engineering and start training some of the kids who will run the oil business. When we have trained enough of them, we nationalize the industry. Ghadafi did it, and is alive and well, thank you. Mexico did it, so did Venezuela. What is Cameroon waiting? How often do you hear of such rubbish coming out of Nigeria, Ghana or Libya for? Where is the superior Franco-African thinking for christ sake? It only gets accentuated when they see an Anglo?
You must a graduate of the vodoo school of economics. Where does the Bamenda Ring Road start and ends. From Bamenda, through Nkambe, onto Wum, and back to Bamenda. You are advocating for the establishment of an economic free zone for Bamenda, does that statute include Wum and Nkambe? If so, continue with your petty trading and allow economic logistics to those who have some viable ideas for the public.Assuming that Paul takes you seriously and after a drunken stupour tomorrow he declares Bamenda a free trade zone, and also liberalizes trade with Nigeria. How feasible will it be for you to ship in heavy equipment through Nigeria and move them down to Wum over thew forgotten bridge over the mezam river in Bafut? Sir, for your information, its always the infrastructure that is in place that gives rise to the creation of a free trade zone. These include communication and transportation facilities, real estate, an educated workforce, and recreational facilities. These are the incentives that will attract businesses to want to set up shop in your neighbohood.
Some academic institutions here in America have been known to sell some of their physical structures and then turn around and lease them from the buyers. Such measures are taken in times of financial dire straits. If the church can go to a business entity that is willing to give a loan and accept the cathedral as collateral, then nothing is wrong with that. What may be wrong is how the money gets spent. Lets not be dillusional. The church is not as holy as we might want it to be. How do you think the catholic church got to be the richest church on the face of the earth? You think its through the pennies you drop in the offering trays? That will not fuel the pope's plane for his trip to your country. From its private universities and secondary schools, hospitals and clinics, money is needed to run them. And you know Paul and co stopped giving government subsidies to school a long time. Instead of having the Cathedral standing empty all day, if some one wants to give you money and have it listed in his ledger as a tax dedutible, I can care less. Christ built no cathedrals before leaving this earth. Only us the flambouyant want to rectify these castles. From the nature of those entering these houses for prayers, I doubt if any god hears their prayers. You might as well make money out of them.
Kodok! After all these years you have learnt nothing? What ELECAM are you talking of here? Can you expect a handful of well selected cronies of Biya to stand up and tell you Biya has lost an election? Wake up from the nightmare you are having.
He also forgets to mention that Eto'o carries a Spanish passport while Geremi carries a British passport. These countries don't just hand you passports unless you apply for them. They als go with citizenship.
I don't think it will ever get out of our thick skulls that violence is not a civilized way of resolving our differences. Why bother going to a gendarmarie center only to resort to a fist fightlater? Worst still, why is a razor blade being used as a fighting weapon? The police should round up both the land lady and her daughters and grand daughters for questioning and subsequent reparations. Sad, but then again, the whole place is a zoo and lawlessness is the order of the day.
Rexon, Remember that in a lawless La Republique, Southern Cameroon will have no avenue or forum to discuss the freedom of Southern Cameroon. As of now, you are a citizen of La Republique. You left the country on its passport, even if it may not be valid to you anymore. Let assume that you were to be deported from your current country of residence, where do you think you will end up? It is important to fix that which we are stiil linked to before looking forward to that which we envision for ourselves. The trials and tribulations we go through now will help to avoid such pitfalls should the day ever come for Southern Cameroon to be self governing. To shy away from the ills bedeviling Cameroon today is tantamount to passing the buck as the American expression goes. We are all still citizens of Cameroon, legally speaking.
Just one question. Why does the Post choose to print such stupidity? This is a medium aimed at educating and informing Cameroonians world wide. Is this the kind of news one has to read from the home front? Ridiculous!!!
Please Limbeson, I understand your frustration(s), but look at the qualifications of the reporters. They are student interns. Having said so, I believe it is the responsibility of who is supervising them to proof read their reports before publishing. I have resigned myself to the fact that journalistic writing is not where to improve on your language skills. Even the BBC website baffles me at times with some its writings.
Simplice, You took the words out of my mouth. I was looking to see if the next line will read, " in this regard, I have signed contracts with the following firms to build and commission x hydro-electricity dams in x locations." But like the dreams and aspirations of many a Cameroonian, this just fizzles away like all our dreams. Long live anarchy and shame in Cameroon.