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Cheryl Razmus
Chicagoland, USA
I am a work in progress.
Interests: anything to do with textiles, dancing with abandon when no one is looking, reading for a thrill or a new idea to ponder, traveling to find my muse and places that inspire
Recent Activity
Love this line drawing of the munching giraffes, Carla. I miss my group. I have not been active in the convos at Yahoo lately becuase I am busy in another class, but also because I find it awkward to try to have a current conversation there. I so wish we had a private Facebook group. Any chance that could happen? It seems so much easier to share on Facebook with the avatars that remind you who each person is and the ability to put up art and tag another person in the conversation so they know you have replied to them.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2013 on May Phone Calls MP3s at 2013 - Year of the Giraffe