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Christopher Herot
Founder and CEO of SBR Health, a provider of real-time video communications to the health care community.
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Actually Joe did mention a number of regulatory and policy issues, including risk management. Hopefully Joe will elaborate in a future article.
The Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework is included in this release. In Vic Gundotra's talk he used the example you gave of sending directions from Google Maps to the phone.
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Mar 15, 2010
If Apple could really pull together all the threads of innovation as you suggest, they might indeed remake the computer industry, but most of these breathless predictions assume some major technological breakthrough that will provide the power and flexibility of a laptop at a size and price not much more than a mobile phone. There is a reason the Kindle is black-and-white and has a slow display - that's how Amazon makes it so small and light with a battery that lasts for days. If Apple just replaces a real keyboard with a virtual one, how is that going to bring about the changes you predict? If Apple knows how to do all this stuff, why haven't they already done it on their existing platforms? The iPod and the iPhone, as well designed as they are, were successful because the strength of Apple's brand allowed them to do things their competitors could not. In the case of the iPod, only Apple could set the price high enough to incorporate a hard disk when all the other MP3 players could only hold a few songs. With the iPhone, Apple was the first consumer electronics company with the clout to dictate terms to the carriers, and even there they had to go with their second choice (AT&T). So maybe Steve Jobs last act will be to take on the movie and television industries, but otherwise what is the iSlate other than an overpowered Newton?
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Andy- If you agree with this direction, you should take a look at VSee. It has all the same capabilities (6-at-once video, screen sharing, recording, text chat, presence) and then some (application sharing, remote control) and enterprise-friendly features such as LDAP integration. VSee is in use by Shell, Aramco, the CIA, NASA, the US DoD and lots other businesses around the world. -Chris
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There was a study a few years ago (unfortunately I can't find the reference) that said an IQ test was a better filter than an interview for predicting the success of new hires. It wasn't that the IQ test was so good but that the usual hiring process was so prone to bias, especially hiring in one's own image, that almost anything else was better. It looks like this research shows that the usual promotion process is worse than random. What does that say for the future of the corporate world?
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I'm glad you decided to go. It's a rare chance to see a unique culture from the inside. For years to come you will recall this trip every time you smell jet fuel. Guy's photos do a good job of showing what it's like, although you may be surprised by how noisy it is, especially when you are trying to sleep. Pay close attention when they brief you on the numbering system for the decks, levels, and frames. If you remember how that works you won't get lost in what is like a small city. I'm sure you'll be shown all the usual VIP sights such as the bridge, CDC, and flights ops from the vultures row. If you can, go see where the enlisted people live and work. The separation of officers and enlisted is one of the most surprising things about the military and carriers are no exception. The crew on a nuclear ship are the elite of the navy, but you will still be impressed with their intelligence and commitment. They seem to have plan for everything and drill constantly, so one thing to notice is how they handle unexpected and unusual situations, like having a bunch of civilians aboard. If you can, go down to the fantail (where they test the jet engines) and watch as the planes come in right above your head. It's especially impressive at night. I look forward to reading about your adventure.
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